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Public Engagement

Assist Patient's Family and Other Facility Visitors

Public Engagement With Smartboards

Public Engagement is designed to assist the patient’s friends and family and other facility visitor,s and is one of the core pillars of an overall Acute Care Engagement Solution (ACES).

Vizabli supports a number of different public engagement technologies, including interactive wayfinding signs, interactive conference room signs with LED light rings, dynamic waiting room signs, and traditional digital signage. Vizabli’s built in management tools make managing these devices a breeze.


Wayfinding Smartboards

The Wayfinding SmartBoard is a 32” to 55” touchscreen tablet that can be mounted in various locations in a facility to assist visitors in finding their way.

From any Wayfinding SmartBoard, the visitor can select from a list of locations to receive directions from the current location to their target location.

Additionally, the text directions can be sent as an SMS message to the visitor’s phone if they choose, or they can scan a QR code to open a dynamically generated web page with instructions and images.

Meeting Room Management

We have partnered with a leading meeting room management provider to integrate their cloud-based room scheduling technology into ACES. This allows that software to work on our Door SmartBoard hardware, be remotely managed and controlled through our hardware management technology and be integrated into the TeamViz Mobile application for facility staff.

Core features of the meeting room management solution include: 

  • Public wayfinding boards to help outside visitors locate the meeting rooms.
  • Integration with Microsoft Outlook
  • Self-serve or managed reservations
  • Scheduling of services, equipment and catering
  • Combining and swapping rooms
  • Check-ins and termination of “zombie” meetings

Much more!

Conference Room Management

Dynamic Waiting Room Boards

Vizabli provides electronic waiting room signs that can be mounted to the wall or to the ceiling to provide friends and family real-time updates about the status of loved ones in the surgical and emergency department waiting areas.

Patients coming to a location to have lab work or imaging can also see their place in line in real-time.

Waiting room boards use inexpensive televisions or monitors with an HDMI dongle in the back to receive and display updates from the Nexus environment as data is updated in the EHR or queue management system at the facility.

Traditional Digital Signage

We have partnered with a leading digital signage provider to integrate their cloud-based signage technology into ACES. This allows that software to work on our interactive touchscreen device or televisions/monitors with HDMI dongle devices to be remotely managed and controlled through our hardware management technology.

 These signs can be used in public areas around the facility, such as lobbies, waiting rooms, dining areas, cafeterias, meeting spaces and more.

 Core features of the digital signage solution include:

  • Horizontal or Vertical Orientation
  • Multi-Region screen layouts
  • Pre-built or custom “apps” for dynamic data display, such as current weather.
  • Drag and Drop content editor and animated content
  • Offline content display
  • Grouping and synchronized content presentation
  • Video Wall support

Much more!

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