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Vital Integrated Technologies

Boost Staff & Patient Engagement - Reduce Costs

With an Acute Care Engagement Solution

We Help Keep Patients Safe With Better Visibility

At Vital we create custom systems that protect lives of patients, residents, and care providers while giving countless hours back to nurses.
Our Acute Care Engagement Solution (ACES) makes real-time data visible to the right people, eliminating the need to update and maintain dry erase boards in the patient rooms and the nurse stations.


Patient Engagement is designed to educate and entertain patients and is one of the core pillars of an overall Acute Care Engagement Solution (ACES).

Patient Engagement


Staff Engagement technologies allow the care team, executive team, and non-clinical teams to get real-time information about a patient, depending on the user’s role.

Staff Engagement


Public Engagement is designed to assist the patient’s friends and family and other facility visitors and is one of the core pillars of an overall Acute Care Engagement Solution (ACES).

Public Engagement


Current care team, schedules, goals, and much, much more updated automatically in real time.


Clinician precautions and patient restrictions, updated in real-time from the EMR or from any smartboard.


Built-in audio / video calls to patients from any smartboard or use the clinician mobile app.

Vital Integrated Technologies

Seamless Patient Safety and Security